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Technology has revolutionized our world, and continues to do so at a pace that almost seems maddening. Small Businesses face new challenges on an almost daily basis. Managers continually ask themselves multiple variations on the following questions: "do we merely adopt whatever is new, even if it is perhaps untested?" and "What if a particular innovation is a blind path or a technological dead end?"

Early adopters may by able to gain a huge advantage on their competitors, but what if a particular innovation is too advanced, and customers, clients, and staff are not able to make sense of it or use all of its features? Will it be worthwhile to retrain staff in a new technology that later proves less than useful? Will there be "network externalities" in the form of other people using compatible systems that make the adoption of a new innovation worthwhile? Will support be available in the future? Is it worthwhile to simply do what everyone else is doing?

We can help. Smart IT Firm provides technology solutions for all of the complex IT challenges businesses face nowadays.

Common questions include: Is the cloud the right choice for my small business?

The cloud has been an exciting innovation spanning every aspect of work and personal life. The cloud is a technological solution that you are likely already using. If you are not too concerned about backing everything up on thumb drives or other hard media, you are already reliant on the cloud. For instance, your email service typically will continuously and automatically back up your drafts and emails without you prompting it. The vast economies of scale and security that can be provided by major cloud IT companies can give you additional peace of mind. And of course you can always rely on your own hard media as an extra on site backup. We can help guide your use of cloud services, integrating your firm's operations with the service of a major provider.

Is there a cost effective telephone solution for my business?

Telephony used to be taken for granted, but recent decades have brought about vast and rapid innovations for even the most cutting-edge business to consider. We can work with your firm to find the most advanced technology solutions that are appropriate for your business needs and create a new profit center.

Are we protecting our data the right way and do we have a disaster recovery plan?

The exigencies of weather, natural disasters, and even everyday human factors can mean that multiple technology issues may befall any business at any time, even during a vital transaction, negotiation, or deal. A thorough disaster recovery plan is imperative for business continuity. An effective plan will minimize or even eliminate downtime altogether.

Are my employees getting quick resolution and fixes for their technical support needs?

Our services can take all the hassle out of this issue by providing astute, quick, and easy to understand technology solutions. We speak the language of all levels of users: from the complete novice, to the veteran IT pro. We provide patient expertise and guidance and are always willing to take the time to entertain all questions thoroughly.

Is our network protecting our data or are we exposed to hackers and digital thieves?

It seems almost every month news of a major new hacking incident is exposed. There is a constant arms race between hackers that even the most sophisticated organizations. We are armed with the newest and most powerful technology solutions that can quell these threats quickly and effectively. We are constantly honing our skills in this essential area via hands-on work, review of the latest literature, and real time conferring with the global network of IT pros on the front lines of this battle.

Smart IT Firm can provide IT solutions for your company in an easy to understand yet sophisticated manner. We have many years of experience providing these services to small to medium size businesses. Contact us today for a no pressure estimate. We service clients in Oregon and Washington.

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