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Many firms have contemplated making the move to Office 365, but haven't quite taken the step yet. Why is this? Fear of change can be issue for both managers and line employees. Retraining personnel is always a challenge. Concerns about documentation and data integrity can create headaches that most people hope to avoid.

But these concerns really shouldn't be objections. Already most of us are used to syncing and storing much of our data in the cloud while on our mobile devices. Hard media such as thumb drives now seem to be of the horse-and-buggy days.

Why migrate to move to Office 365 now? Companies of all sizes are implementing Office 365 migration because of the myriad efficiencies and compatibilities involved. Simplicity, speed, security, scalability. It's all there. Reducing headaches for you is a key part of the process, and your information technology environment can be made as seamless as possible.

Opportunities to gain market advantages abound. "Few companies are building cyber and privacy risk management into their digital transformation correctly," says Sean Joyce, US cybersecurity and privacy leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers in a recent report. "The winners of the future are going to be the ones that from the design phase all the way to production build in that risk management," he says. "it’s a brand-defining opportunity.”

The move to Office 365 helps implement these considerations, and heralds a vast new frontier of lively, efficient, and workable solutions that buttress all of a business enterprise's key assets. Every firm that has an on premise Microsoft Exchange server can take advantage of these latest advances. Email mailboxes from Google and other services can be deftly converted to Office 365 if you have the right people doing the job. A capable team that manages the migration process can guarantee a skilled transition. Since Microsoft is handling the data, it's vast economies of computing power, hardware, scale, and brains mean that they can cover any outages and deploy incredibly more sophisticated data protections than companies or local vendors can do onsite.

Also, Office 365 Migration makes the company less of a target for physical or social hacking. A firm's data becomes completely separate from its local footprint, thus creating a vast moat for potential hackers to attempt to vault. The human element of error on site is also reduced. The vast majority of security weaknesses find their origin in quotidian occurrences such as typos, non-activated security measures, phishing emails inadvertently opened, and malicious links clicked. Employee password security can be unfortunately weak, as private and firm passwords are often recycled, and the demarcation between private and firm use of devices and apps is frequently blurred. The "cyber-day" cycle often includes work done at home in the mornings, continued while on commute, and finished up at home in the evening, all on a mix of work and home devices. These devices are frequently connected with home based technology infrastructures or random passing wi-fi signals which creates multiple openings for hackers. This can be exacerbated when family members who are not part of the firm have informal access. The typical information worker is lightly supervised. Brief breaks to look at social media or news groups can be common and create security risks due to exposed misconfigurations.

Every firm considering the move to Office 365 faces unique challenges, so migration will never be a uniform process. Bespoke remedies provided by a skilled team are necessary. For instance, hybrid solutions that allow companies to migrate both mobile and desktop users can be implemented via the Active Directory Federation Services. This state of the art system utilizes a single sign on for all processes.

Everyone who has an on premise Microsoft Exchange server can take advantage of these new opportunities. There is also no need to pay for Microsoft Exchange Licensing. Since everything is hosted elsewhere, there is no need to invest in to servers, or pay for cooling and electricity. You don’t even need an exchange engineer in the IT department anymore.

An astute Office 365 Migration can help transform a company immensely and create many wonderful opportunities for efficiency and profit.

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