Onboarding Employees and Offboarding Employees for Business

Onboarding Employees and Offboarding Employees for Business

Need Help On Boarding and Off Boarding Employees?

Welcoming new employees to the fold can be an exciting time for a firm. Bringing in new people often accompanies company growth, expansion, and diversification into new product lines, new markets, and even possibilities for profitable spin off enterprises. New opportunities for management skills may occur, and last but not least, new employees mean the opportunity to make new friends.

Likewise, saying goodbye to old friends and colleagues who are heading off for new endeavors can be equally as satisfying as your company or organization expands its footprint in your community and industry.

At Smart IT Firm we can help you with all the technological grunt work associated with these transitions. The technological aspects of on boarding and off boarding can be handled in such a way as to make it as easy and simple as possible. On boarding begins when a candidate agrees to take on a job at the firm. Getting that person up and running on any network can be overwhelming task for busy professionals. Smart IT Firm can on board of off board your employees for you.

Payroll, benefits, legal documents are also a big part of this. Issuing and retrieving keys, ID, equipment and network accessibility are included. We have a vast amount of experience working with human resources departments in all the details, thus streamlining the process.

We can order a new computer if required. We often work extensively with the new hire and your management to find out what their needs, capabilities, and preferences are. We have extensive experience working with novices, older employees, as well as power users. We configure the new machine for the network, making sure all software is loaded and working. We create user accounts, apply user security, create email mailboxes, create phone extensions, and can configure a new desk phone. We can even bring all of these tools together and set up a desk for a new employee. We can train new hires on your favored tools, applications, and systems.

Our off boarding processes include: closing all accounts to prevent security breaches, backing up or moving old employee files, re-directing emails to a new mailboxes, re-directing calls to new extensions or phones, and recycling or repurposing old equipment if necessary.

People are a company's most valued resource. Let Smart IT Firm help make enjoyable transitions for your firm even more pleasant.

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