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Compare us to your current IT company. We have over twenty years of technology experience and have performed many migrations and implementations of different types of technology solutions for businesses over time. We know technology solutions that work and have seen technology that simply creates more problems and cost businesses money for upkeep and maintenance. Over the years, technology makers have come and gone. Some have survived in the current demanding business driven market but that does not mean that they are the right solution for your business. Many IT companies offer solutions based on the profit margin or perks from the vendor they are selling instead of focusing on long term relationship with the clients.
Our goal is to keep clients for life. With this said, we focus on your business and success from the technology side of things. Our commitment is to keep your technology running for you so that you can have more time focusing on your business. We have innovative tech tools to monitor your technology gear. Our smart tech tools will let us know if your technology is healthy and happy. There is no need to wait for failure and deal with downtime, instead, we will let you know where your technology is not productive or experiencing a bottleneck. Most of these failures can be avoided just by paying attention to logs and alerts. Our tools help us success beyond our competitors. We offer affordable solutions for any size business you may have. Contact us today and let us show you how affordable we are.
Remote Support
222 Servers Deployed in General
744 Mailboxes Migrated to Office 365 from on-prem Exchange and Clouds such as Google, GoDaddy and others
462 VoIP Telephones Deployed in General
32 Terabytes of data in the cloud stored for disaster recovery