Corporate Threat and Antivirus Protection

Offering Corporate Threat and Antivirus Protection

Looking for virus and threat protection for your business network?

Accessibility and ease of communications has always been the key advantages of the digital firm. But with this accessibility also comes hazards. Companies want it to be easy for prospective and current clients to contact and interact with them via web sites, email, and instant messaging, yet also limit risks and ensure safety and security for both clients and team.

The perennial arms race between hackers and security personnel shows no sign of abating. Ever more sophisticated bugs and schemes are sprung on the business community and an unsuspecting public on a daily basis. We provide protection from problematic browser helper objects (BHOs), browser hijackers, ransomware, key loggers, backdoors, rootkits, Trojan horses, worms, malicious LSPs, adware, and spyware. We also have tools to fight malicious URLs, spam, scam and phishing attacks, online identity hacks, social engineering techniques, advanced persistent threat (APT), and botnet DDoS attacks.

What are the consequences of not having protection? Loss of access to your data is probably the most significant. Entire systems can become corrupted due to a single mistake by a careless user. Even the most careful and experienced users can sometimes slip up and accidentally create security breaches. Network functionality can be lost, entire hard drives can be destroyed, and the related contagion can spread to other firms and even to client systems and devices. Vital business documents, databases, client information, and contact lists can be lost or stolen. Fixing and restoring the system after an attack can be costly and time consuming. The entire system and all connected devices need to be taken off line for cleaning. Downtime can be very extensive.

The Smart IT Firm team is highly trained in all of the most sophisticated prevention protocols and countermeasures. We are resolutely at the forefront of internet security technology, and are thoroughly versed in all of the best practices. We read the latest documentation and articles, and participate in the most sophisticated conferences and user groups. Our team members have the most comprehensive skill set and education to make certain your technology is secure.

We deploy the most recent iterations of the most reliable anti-virus software. Our team can protect you and your team from all ransomware, Trojans, and other bugs. We can also protect you from malicious software spying on or stealing your data.

Smart IT Firm’s highly qualified personnel can help you in any technology endeavor. We have recently added tools that are even more powerful to our arsenal, giving you an ease of mind that is difficult to replicate.

We have the best engineers in town.