VoIP Business Solution

Simple, Smart, Reliable Voice over IP Telephone System for Business

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a fairly recent communication system technology that enables voice and multimedia communication via the internet.

SIP is a second-generation VoIP service with which most people are very familiar, but is not tailored to meet the more specific needs of most businesses—including high levels of encryption that guarantee confidentiality.

Smart IT Firm’s VoIP solution is very simple.

We get you the desk phones that work best for your individual needs, then pair them with the best SIP VoIP provider in the cloud via a server called a PBX (private branch exchange).

The PBX server we use will either be a local PBX or one located somewhere in the cloud. Either way, we don’t mark up the price.

You pay usage fees directly to the telephone company. We only charge a tiny monthly fee for maintenance and support.

A man talking on a smart phone using a voip system A helpdesk personnel talking to someone over a desktop voip phone system

We are not just VoIP smart; we are technology smart. This means that our engineers will deliver the best, reliable solution for your business that other IT support companies may not offer.

Our design is smart from the start. If you are a business that discusses sensitive client information, such as social security numbers or credit card numbers, over your telephone system, rest assured.

Our services are encrypted from those that eavesdrop and listen to voice conversations online.

Most VoIP companies don’t provide encryption for VoIP service, leaving your business vulnerable to information and conversation leaks.

We can test your current telephone service to show you if you are encrypted or not.

  • Cloud PBX
  • Encrypted
  • Touch Screen Desk Phones

We simply want you to have a great telephone system without the dark side of high costs, inefficiency, and vulnerability to hackers.

We strive to empower your employees to be more productive and respond to your clients faster.

Our goal is to make you more efficient so you stand out from your competition.

Technology has evolved immensely over recent years—it’s not even the same today as it was a year ago.

There are now vastly improved, safer and more affordable ways for businesses to use telephones.

We have been using our VoIP solution in-house for two years now.

It’s a great solution that’s worth looking into so that you can start saving money.

  • Interactive Voice Response
  • After Hours Rerouting
  • Custom Music on Hold, or Perhaps Your AD Instead
Two business men using mobile phones on top of a work desk A woman working as a support staff looking up information about voice over IP phones.

To learn more about the low cost to utilize our incredible VoIP telephone solution services, call us for a free consultation.

We’ll discuss all the details and help you every step of the way.

Switching to a new VoIP telephone system without losing a single call will improve your business by leaps and bounds.

We’ve already helped many companies and organizations to improve their customer service and save money.

Many businesses are migrating their traditional telephone systems to VoIP to take advantage of the reduced costs of service and the bandwidth efficiency—which allows voice and data exchange on one network—that is available with internet-based communication technology.

VoIP provides an extremely efficient mode of integrated communication in which many communication systems—email, text, phone, video, and multimedia—can all be routed to a single digital device, such as a cellphone, tablet, or laptop computer.

Enhanced efficiency and reduced cost of communication enables businesses to be more competitive and profitable.

System is user-friendly and features intuitive interface design.

Maintenance is simple and easy