Business Digital Encrypted VoIP Telephone Service Solution

We are offering affordable, advanced, feature rich telephone system for your business. It is simple, when your telephones work great, you communicate better as a company. When you communicate better, you get more clients. Check out our prices and test drive our phones. Don’t be fooled by the big telephone companies, we all use the same technology, we just don’t markup much.

How Our VoIP Solution Works?

It is simple. We provide and maintain your PBX server for you. We host it in our secured cloud. This means you do not have to invest in to any gear except your telephones. Your telephones connect to our VoIP cloud and simply do the job. We will help you every step of the way to get you transitioned smoothly without any down time. The only thing you will need is a dependable internet connection. It does not need to be fast, just dependable. A simple business class internet will do.

Why Choose Smart IT Firm for your VoIP Provider?

We want to save you money and provide the best quality service that big VoIP telephone companies do not provide or include with their service.

We know technology and have been in the industry for over twenty years. We have serviced large corporate networks and maintained enterprise networks. We know what will work and what simply will not work for you. If we are not the right fit for what you need from a telephone service provider, we will let you know and not waste your time. We are a new company but not new to this industry.

Our Mission and our Goal

We simply want you to have a great telephone system without the dark side. Have your employees be more productive and respond to your clients faster. If I can make you more efficient, your customers will notice.

We just want to make telephone services simple. We want to tell northwest businesses that there is a new provider in town and we want your business. We do our best to make things as simple as possible while still being in business and leading the way.

How Much?

$0.02 cents per minute of basic service
$0.025 per minute of encrypted service
$5 per month per local DID (Telephone number)
$10 per month per toll free DID (Telephone number) and $0.050 per minute
We host and maintain your PBX. (*)

You will also need to purchase the telephones. There are a few models to choose from. Contact us today.

The Bottom Line

✔ Affordable without Contracts
✔ Fully Encrypted (no eavesdropping)
✔ Working with professional people who know more than just phones
✔ Advanced Features are Included FREE of Charge
✔ Hosted off site (*)
✔ Flat Price per Month, no hidden fees
✔ Local Company located here in Northwest
✔ Demo tryout offered to help you make your decision

The bottom line is that you have nothing to lose. Contact us and compare our services to our competition.

This truly is the best VoIP solution for your business

Support your local small business telephone service provider. Get started with our services today.

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